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I’m holding down two jobs and still squeezing out streetteam work for a couple bands/labels… but if people still want me to keep up with this, let me know! I’ll try to get back in the swing of things.

also send suggestions if you do want me to stay alive.
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"Wide Awake"


off their “As I Grew” EP

Life On Repeat - The Need, Not The Cause
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"The Need, Not The Cause"

a personal favourite of mine, this song has a great message to it.
with lyrics such as 

"and how can we spread hatred so religiously? 
when we all have the time to recognize
that there’s someone out there who’ll never understand

that love is something worth living for”

but with the song’s message, comes a great balance of the band’s rougher music styles and Purves’ smooth vocals (this song reminds me a lot of past band of the week Sent By Ravens). packed with energy and amazing guitar riffs, this song literally has it all

Life On Repeat - Without You Here
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"Without You Here"

a little different than their usual sound, 
I wanted to feature this song to show off singer Pat Purves’ vocal abilities… it’s a nice change from their high energy songs to have this slower, more heartfelt one.

"Layover Letdown"

a personal favourite of mine, and probably one of their more ‘poppy’ songs
this one is clearly about a bad relationship with a girl… easy to relate to, catchy; just an overall great song

Life On Repeat - Southern Girls
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"Southern Girls"

found on both their “As I Grew” EP and the “Struggle + Sleep” full length

Life On Repeat - Struggle, Sleep
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"Struggle, Sleep"

the opening and title track off the band’s full length,
this song is a perfect example of Life On Repeat's ability to balance their heavier sound with the catchy melodic hooks. a great way to introduce new fans to the band's sound.